We did it!  

The Public Health Minister, Jane Ellison, has confirmed in writing that the Government will protect funding for the National HIV prevention programme in England. 

This could never have happened without the incredible support of you and nearly 1,500 others who emailed Jane Ellison so quickly - thank you!

We're delighted that current investment will be maintained - but there is still much more to do.

In her letter, the Public Health Minister said: 

"...while the HIV prevention budget will be maintained, we do want to be more ambitious in our plans to prevent HIV and to explore new and more innovative ways of doing things... Improving the way we deliver the HIV prevention programme will be part of our longer-term strategy for sexual and reproductive health which we plan to announce in the New Year."

We welcome greater ambition from the Government, but we now need to secure further confirmations that any changes to the programme are based on:

  • an evaluation of HIV Prevention England and evidence of what works and what doesn't for national HIV prevention
  • proper public consultation
  • a transparent process
  • commitment to a multi-year funding programme.

NAT will continue to work relentlessly until we have secured these vital confirmations - but we will still need your help.

If you aren't already a member, please join our HIV Activists Network, so that we can let you know about our progress. And please help us to continue to campaign for investment in HIV prevention - donate to NAT this Christmas.