Join our campaign to fight for HIV rights!

It’s been 40 years since the first cases of AIDS were reported. Since those dark days, we’ve come a long way in battling HIV. Ending new HIV transmissions in the UK is – incredibly – within our grasp.
HIV is no longer a life-ending condition. People living with HIV on effective treatment can’t pass the virus on and they have the same life expectancy as everyone else.

But the fight is not over.

In 2021, people still struggle to access HIV tests and HIV testing is not routinely offered across the health service. People are still being denied access to the HIV prevention drug PrEP. Some people living with HIV are not getting the right care and support to ensure they access effective treatment. HIV stigma is widespread. People living with HIV are still discriminated against in the workplace, when accessing services, and in healthcare settings. This is not right.
National AIDS Trust are fighting to change this. And we need you to join us. HIV is a human rights issue. We are calling for:

  • Everyone to have the right to be offered a HIV test when visiting health services
  • Everyone to have the right to access the HIV prevention drug PrEP, where and when needed
  • All people living with HIV to have a right to the care and support they need
  • All people living with HIV to have a right to live without fear or discrimination

This is the change we need to see. This is the world we must fight to create together.

Sign here to join the fight and campaign with us:
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