Email your MP and help us end new cases of HIV by 2030

It’s now scientifically possible to end new cases of HIV by 2030. In January 2019, the Westminster Government promised England would meet this goal and the HIV Commission’s report has now given the country a route map. After months of delay, the Government is starting to draft its HIV Action Plan to make this happen. We can have no further delay.

This is a one-off opportunity – we need to make sure the HIV Action Plan is worthy of its name, genuinely starts the process of ending new cases of HIV, and supports people to live well with HIV. 

We need your help.

Everyone who backs this important goal needs to write to their MP and get them to support a comprehensive, ambitious HIV Action Plan that is up to the job. We have one chance and cannot waste it.

To start, please enter your postcode so we can find your MP.